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    Does anyone know what error code E25 means? Our Bosch dishwasher is flashing this today and the repair guys wants $100 to come out. they are pretending they don’t know what it means. Rightt…..

    Anthony Rocco
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    Most likely a drainage issue, see here:

    And here:

    There’s a video there that might help if you’re a DIY kinda person.

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    Its a drainage problem. Filter clogged or pump impeller is jammed.

    Charles Cates

    Anna in Atlanta
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    My dishwasher is repeatedly throwing the E:25 error code. I’ve cleaned the filter, checked for pump blockages, and checked the drainage line & connection. The thing is, it’s actually draining (I disconnected the pipe and water gushed into a tub), only the usual water left in the drain well under the filter, but at the very end of the cycle it throws the code anyway. Ideas??

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    @Anna I would try contacting Bosch customer service directly. Maybe a board issue or a slight clog that isn’t stopping the unit from draining completely but enough to throw the sensor.

    Bosch’s customer service number: 1-800-944-2904

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    Dishwasher problems never gets perfectly repaired especially of the drainage. I would suggest you buy a new bosch 300 series dishwasher instead of repairing the old one again and again.

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    I don’t know about such an error but if you are looking for a new dishwasher, I will suggest getting it from Samstores.

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