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    Hey, guys,
    Hope you are fine
    I’m running a fresh juice restaurant, and it has been closed for a while due to COVID-19. Now, I’m trying to reopen the store after a long back. I check up the freezer and mixer working condition. I have noticed that the freezer earthing contains certain damage. So I plan to replace the freezer with a refurbished commercial freezer for a temporary setup until my freezer gets repaired.
    I would like to know whether anyone has used a refurbished freezer for a temporary setup?
    Are you happy with its working?

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    I have purchased last week LG freezer. Lg freezer provides a direct-cool refrigerator: Economical and Cooling without fluctuation. Its capacity is Capacity 190 litres: Suitable for families with 2 to 3 members and bachelors, Smart inverter compressor: Unmatched performance, great savings and super silent operation and its special feature are moist ‘n’ Fresh is an innovative lattice-patterned box cover which maintains the moisture at the optimal level | anti-bacterial gasket | Fastest Ice Making | Anti rat-bite | Vegetable basket with 12.6 litres capacity | Tray egg | 2+3 Door basket (full size/half-size)| Lock | Works without stabilizer: 90v ~ 310v | base stand with drawer | Solar Smart. So I Advised you only purchased LG Freezer.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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