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Debby Elliott
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I have the same washer….. I HATE it. As this machine is obviously a BAD design, will Matag do anything about it? I purchased the washer 7/04//2017. There are lots of times I pull clothing from the washer and there will be piece(s) that are not even wet. I have tried playing around with the machine and have discovered that if you push the clothes to the bottom of the tub, kinda pack them in there, make sure the clothes are level, use the last two soil levels, and deep water wash, if there are not a lot of clothes, but then there can’t be too few clothes the machine does a sub-standard wash job. However at least the clothes are wet when I pull them from the washer. I can’t wash two blankets at the same time, even twin size, they do not spin correctly. Not spinning correctly is an issue when you do any type of bedding. There is no ‘just spin cycle’ you have to rinse and spin. Sometimes as much as 3 times. These are not big heavy duty blankets. I have no washer to go home to……..this is it. When asked what three hobbies I have, I respond: Washing clothes, drying clothes. and folding clothes. With a family of 6 it feels like
I spend a lot of time doing laundry.