This stylish addition to Frigidaire’s Gallery Series is meant to flagship the dishwashing line and draw more attention to Frigidaires impressive line-up of well-priced dishwashers.  The new Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher  is a compartment junkie’s dream. With over 180 items being permitted into its silverware compartment you can easily justify its claim of having the largest silverware basket on the market. As with any tall-tub design, this large capacity dishwasher has space for up to 14 table settings and adjustable racks to fit oddly sized pieces. In addition, the Gallery 24” offers exciting features such as the OrbitClean™ Spray Arm and SaharaDry™ features.

Frigidaire FGHD2465NFThe OrbitClean™ feature provides exceptional water coverage to give your dishes a more powerful, conducive cleaning, while the SaharaDry™ feature is on hand to eliminate any arguing over hand drying duties. A unique water pressure control tool is also available to accommodate delicate glassware or similar items by allowing you to adjust the water pressure level to best suit your needs.

Additionally, to promote energy efficiency there is a no-heat Energy Saver Dry Option as well as the Energy Saver Plus cycle . This is just one of the 7 cycles offered on this model. The others include; My Favorite, Power Plus, Normal Wash, Quick Clean, Rinse Only, and Upper Rack Only. The My Favorite cycle allows you to program in your preferred cycle and additional options while the Power Plus cycle automatically includes the high-temp and sanitize options for heavily-soiled dishes. Lastly, the Upper Rack Only cycle is ideal for small, lightly-soiled loads. Speaking of the upper rack… it’s adjustable! Which is unheard of for a dishwasher at this price point.


Lending to effective sanitation, the Gallery 24” also provides a very useful NSF® Certified sanitize option. This option gives a little piece of mind for dishes that will cross little hands or bacteria magnets that need to be attended to. The temperature inside reaches just about 155 degrees fahrenheit to sanitize all the dishes.
According to consumer reports, the most outstanding feature of this appliance is its quiet, hushed operation. Self-proclaimed as the quietest dishwasher in the Frigidaire range, they promise a smooth transition to clean up time and a noise-free evening at home.


A few consumers have complained about key features such as the main circulation motor and circuit boards having to be replaced early. These reports aren’t enough to bother us yet, as the number of complaints is relatively small compared to the numbers shipped. Also since Frigidaire’s customer service is usually one of the better experiences in the appliance industry today.

Price-wise this item’s MSRP is marked at a very attractive $649. Given the impressed feature set and the even more impressive fact that this unit is actually manufactured in the U.S.A. for such a low price, we think this unit is a good buy.

Pro: High-end features for low-end price.

Con: Inside tub is plastic, not stainless steel. Unit reliability remains to be seen.

Anthony Rocco

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