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    This dishwasher will be amazing the first year, after that it will become a headache. The dishwasher will not last, parts will start to crack, it will get louder and louder when you run it and then it will start leaking onto your floor. If you want a dishwasher that cost more and only last less than 4 years. This is the dishwasher for you. run away from these. We thought they were a great idea but would never buy one of these again. The handle fell off, stress cracks in the plastic around the control pads, dish dividers rust apart, motor and rotor is going out and the dishwasher is leaking from both drawers onto our floor. Contacted Fisher and Paykel, they had the rep call which I missed his call the first time and have now left 4 messages for him. The rep finally called, had us do a service call which resulted in the bottom drawer throwing a code and now doesn’t even work. The tech said this is common of these dishwashers, that they start to eat themselves away and now to make them work we have a list of parts that would total 850.68 plus labor to get it working again. Look at other brands as this company is a joke.

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