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Anthony Rocco
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Hey Gary,

For me that doesn’t change what I would do. I was aware the trident is still one of the only sear burners out that that is highly adjustable but I still would shy away from going all-sear myself. For one, the sear burner is the one part of every grill I’ve ever owned that has needed service or replacement at some point. Due to the high amount of metal framing and mesh covers, and the crazy high temperatures it gets to, its usually only a matter of 3-4 years and the mesh is melted away and metal housing flaking or having issues.

Whereas I know those cast burners and ceramic briquettes are going to last practically forever. About the only thing to go on those are the metal tabs which hold the brickettes in place and those are cheaply replaced. So I still would be wary of having a full grill of sear burners. I also like the nice even heat the briquettes give off after pre-heating. But everyone is different and how we each like to grill is different too.