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Anthony Rocco
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A 42″ Lynx Grill is quite large, why do you feel the need for sear burners only?

I find that a grill with only sear burners would pose me two problems:
-Vegetables don’t grill well over infrared heat, they tend to burn and dry out quickly due to too high heat.
-Certain cuts of chicken also will be about near impossible to grill properly over infrared burner alone.
-I would likely overchar my steaks because I prefer them medium instead of rare.

Don’t get me wrong, the infrared trident burner is amazing and I use it every day but I usually only use it to sear and color whatever I’m cooking. Depending upon the cut size, usually after searing I move the meat over to the regular burner section and let rest on medium heat . Especially when I’m doing thick cuts of new york strip, I like to move it over after searing and leave it for a few more minutes so it has time for the center to make it up to medium. If I were to leave those on the sear side the entire time, by the time the inside was medium, my outside would be char black.

For those reasons, I would rather own the Lynx L42TR myself.