Electrolux All Refrigerator and All Freezer Review

Electrolux All Refrigerator and All Freezer Review
Manufacturer Electrolux
Product Type 32
Model Number EI32AR65JS, EI32AF65JS
Price ( USD Dollars ) $2,299 each

Need a freezer upgrade? Too grand for any pantry or basement, this Electrolux All Refrigerator and All Freezer Review offers a great look and useful storage options for big families. You can store long-term provisions as well as easily access those everyday meals with the custom-fit capacity feature. Inside, you’ll get adjustable glass shelves, full width drawers, and variety of baskets and bins with varying heights and capacities.

Electrolux All Refrigerator EI32AR65JS – 32 inch Built-In

Advertised as an excellent duo, the all freezer and all refrigerator are often bundled together and come with an optional trim kit(s) for both single and double door models featuring a grill that goes up to 84″ tall.. The Electrolux All Refrigerator unit provides features you would find on high-end built-ins,  such as large interior capacity, adjustable glass shelves, tall and medium baskets & bins, hush operation, and air-filtration. As expected, the Electrolux All Refrigerator unit offers a superior organizational system including tilt-out, removable bins on the door, crisper drawers furnished with dividers and removable baskets, and a gallon door shelf in addition to the 2-liter adjustable bins offered in the all freezer.

This item also contains a comparable control panel allowing for humidity adjustment in addition to other temperature controls. Both items come in stainless steel finish, are energy star certified and marked at the MSRP price of $2,299. Promotional rebates may be offered on this appliance of up to $500 during certain time periods as well as up to $50 rebates for recycling old appliances.

Electrolux All Freezer EI32AF65JS – 32 inch Built-In

Along with these space-friendly amenities the Electrolux 32″ All Freezer unit also claims the use of fast freeze technology that “freezes foods faster to lock in freshness.” The other features not mentioned include the pure advantage air filter, to avoid odor transference, the luxury quiet package for an overall smooth operation, and the electric control panel. The control panel is helpful in alerting you to several things such as filter replacement and temperature settings.

Altogether, Electrolux seems to offer a more user friendly approach to freezer storage-where you can comfortably stock up on essentials without the worry of space and accessibility. And the soft-serve bin is a big bonus for ice cream lovers.

If you want a sleek design as well as serious storage and capacity, along with built-in dimensions, then Electrolux is going to be the best bang for your buck currently.


Built-In Refrigerator and Freezer at Standard Prices. As I like to put it, the poor man’s Sub-Zero.


These units stick out a good deal more than most built-ins. Also, unique size may make them hard to switch out for a different brand at a later date.

Anthony Rocco
Anthony Rocco

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